This site is a reliable news source for all your related OH MY Lanta news! Yes, all those news stories that make you go “no way”. We are a dedicated news site to finding the weird the strange and the incredible. We want to know all strange news even from Mars!!  Alanta.info is always looking for true and unbelievable sources to fill up our network with so feel free to fill out our blog section at any point to fill us in! We search for the strange news sources all over the world. Alanta.info thrives for the crazy and strange stories that happen every day but no one speaks about or gives credit. You know, those stories like, “grandma marries her cat in Virginia”. Sometimes reading stories like these doesn’t make the world seem all that bad. It is okay to poke fun every once in a while even if it is at another’s expense cause let’s face it, you have probably done a feel things that are worth being posted on alanta.info as incredible news. So we dare you to find the strange and read the headlines for the weird. We encourage the craziness. Alanta.info is delivering a reliable and information filled news site stacked full of true facts and actual interviews of the events that are listed. That’s right, we find the story or you tell us the story and we seek and interview to get the bottom. The strange and the weird events that do occur cannot happen without a follow up. Asking why is our favorite part at alanta.info news site. Just why would grandma marry her cat? Maybe she thought its better than a man! Is that even legal? Alanta.info news source even digs deeper than the weird unusual stories and even looks at laws to see if they are broken! Alanta.info the only news source that brings you the weird with a twist of laughter!