How to Get Joint Pain Treatment in New Jersey

All joint pain treatment in New Jersey falls into one of three categories. Understanding the different types can help you to understand what your situation is like, what you can do to make it better, and how you can prevent from getting worse. Share with your doctor in New Jersey all of your symptoms relating to back pain. They will conduct and assessment and various tests to determine the type you fall under.
The most common is acute back pain. It comes on suddenly and it can be very painful. It can include shooting pain that feels hot. However, it can last up to 6 months in duration. Acute back pain is often the result of some type of accident or injury. For example, a car accident or lifting something that is too heavy for you. This type of pain is often severe and in a targeted area.
It is important to seek treatment though rather than just waiting for it to get better on its own. If you take a wait and see approach, you are opening the door for it to get worse. You may do damage that could have been prevented and now it can’t be reversed. Joint pain treatment in New Jersey that lasts more than 6 months may be classified as chronic.
This is usually due to some type of nerve damage. There may be pressure on a disk in the back. There may be inflammation causing pressure. The underlying cause can be determined in most cases but not all. Sometimes, it is the result of an injury that is many years old. It may have healed and not bothered you for decades and now it is getting worse. This type of pain usually isn’t severe but it is long lasting and makes you uncomfortable.
The last segment of back pain is classified as neuropathic. The pain is due to some type of nerve issue. It may not have anything to do with a new or an old injury. There is no damage found to the tissue but the body is still sending signals to the brain that there is pain.
This issue can be hard to understand and to treat because it has something to do with the motor nerves or the sensory nerves. This type of pain is very severe and often feels like someone is hitting a given area with a sharp object. Feelings of numbness or tingling can occur due to the sensations traveling through the nerves.
Your doctor will help you to determine what type of joint pain treatment in New Jersey that you have. Based on this information they can help you to follow a treatment plan. Limiting strenuous activities and taking pain medications are often the first steps. Testing may be done to look at the spine and to determine if there is an injury.
Surgery is the major procedure involved with back pain. It is only considered when a patient is experiencing pain at a level and frequency that is interfering with the natural process of their daily life. There can be benefits of such a surgery but there can also be quite a few risks.

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