Common Myths About Acupuncture Woodbridge

Not everyone is sold on the benefits of using an acupuncturist in Woodbridge, and it can prevent them from getting the help they need. While this is classified as a type of alternative medicine, it can be very useful. One of the common myths is this is done by quacks who just poke you with needles. It is done by those who have qualifications and know the points on the body to insert them to offer relief.


Many people envision being poked all over with needles such as what is used when you get a flu shot or a vaccination. What actually is used is very small, pin sized needles that are inserted into the skin. They don’t hurt but there may be a sensation of pressure at those locations. The acupuncture Woodbridge can show them to you before they start so you know what to expect.

Some individuals may experience a dull ache after the sessions due to joint pain or other conditions they already have. Make sure you let your acupuncture Woodbridge know if that is the case and they can encourage you to do some exercises and even to take over the counter pain relievers to offset such an outcome.


There are those who continue to believe that acupuncture is a type of voodoo, conducted by a witch doctor. They view it as being similar to putting pins into a voodoo doll. The procedure has to do with science though and to with any type of religion attached to it. Still, such myths can be hard to put an end to!

Providers of Acupuncture in Woodbridge

The reputation of an acupuncturist isn’t always portrayed well. These aren’t random people out there just trying to make so money offering procedures in Woodbridge. While they aren’t doctor’s they should be certified and have proper training. It is your responsibility to make sure you verify them and what they can offer as an overall wellness center. Be selective with your provider and that will help you to find one with the right qualifications.

Only for Pain

While the main reason people pursue acupuncture treatment is to reduce pain, that isn’t the only thing it can be valuable for. It can also be useful for those suffering from issues with digestion, women with severe menstrual cycles, and to reduce anxiety or stress. The provider can talk to you about your needs and then create your treatment based on it.

Doesn’t Work

While you may notice some improvements with the first sessions, these treatments aren’t going to resolve all of it the first time you go. Too often, those who try it had high expectations and when they didn’t get those results, they didn’t go back. The provider is going to set up a treatment plan including the intensity and the frequency of the treatments. You should start to notice results with each passing treatment that encourage you to continue going.


One of the drawbacks is chiropractic services and acupuncturist typically isn’t covered by insurance. Therefore, you have to pay for it out of pocket. However, many people find doing so means they don’t have to spend so much to pay to see the doctor over and over gain. It can also result in them no longer needing prescription medications to control pain. This savings adds up too so it could be worth looking into.

Yet the myth that acupuncture is very expensive isn’t true at all. Each provider may have different rates and it can depend on the length of the session. They may offer you a discount for booking ongoing sessions. Some even offer the first session for free or at a discounted price to encourage new patients to give it a try.

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