Learning the Benefits of Spinal Surgery

The Advantages of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

There are many advantages of minimally invasive spine surgery that make it very promising in the eyes of the medical professionals like and patients. Since the incision is smaller, there is less scaring and less time for recovery. There is also less pain experienced during that recovery period. The overall risks including infection and nerve damages are significantly lower than with other forms of spine related procedures.

Depending on the underlying issue, there may be a series of small incisions rather than just one. This allows the medical professionals to access the spine through where they need to. This type of surgery can be conducted when there is a normal overall structure to the spine but there is a certain problem that has been identified and there is a good chance it can be treated.

It is only able to see the area of the spine where the actual problem exists. The incision areas are about ½” versus anywhere from 5” to 10” with other types of procedures. There is far less bleeding this way and most patients get to go home after only a day or two in the hospital after minimally invasive spine surgery.

In some instances, the surgery takes place in the morning and the patient is able to go home the very same day. This all depends on variables though so other arrangements need to be made just in case. The goal is to offer the best overall care, not to hurry and get people back home.
Due to the procedure taking less time and the hospital stay being shorter, there is a significant savings with the overall cost for such a type of surgery. Even with insurance, as discussed it may be worried about the cost you are going to be responsible for out of pocket. It can be easier to handle when the cost is reduced due to such factors.

The innovative technology used for minimally invasive spine surgery today reduces the risk of problems during the procedure. At the same time, it increases the success rate of the outcome for patients. The goal is for them to have improved overall function soon after the surgery. This can give them mobility, reduce or eliminate pain, and help them get back to enjoying life to the fullest.

There will be less scar tissue that can cause problems later on too. This is encouraging because it can mean the surgery is going to give someone a new lease on life. It is encouraging with the possible results and that is why so many people do decide to go through with it.

Due to the advantages of minimally invasive spine surgery, many medical professionals will promote going this route when possible. However, they also realize not all of the neck or back problems they identify can be treated in such a manner. They are going to do what has to be done to offer the patient the best chance of improvements. They will discuss all options with you including what they feel you are a good candidate for and what you aren’t.

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