SPF 40 Sunscreen Can be the Right Protection for Your Skin

Find the Right  Healthy Sunscreen for your Skin Type

It is very important to find the right sunscreen for face and your skin type as well as for your activities. If you plan to be outdoors as you go to and from work or as you do some basic activities, you can get by with minimal coverage. However, if you are going to be at an outdoor event all day, a water park, or you work in the sun then you need to have full coverage. You also need to remember to reapply the tinted sunscreen several times a day.

If you plan to spend time in the water, keep in mind that cosmetic sunscreen can wash off. Even when you go with a waterproof, option, you need to reapply it several times. Don’t get so engrossed in the fun that you forget to apply it. This is especially true if you have children with you. Kids should use a product designed specifically for them. Don’t use the same product on them that you use for older children or for adults.

Use SPF 40 Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

Both children and adults can struggle with sensitive skin. As a result, some of the ingredients in various sunscreen products can be itchy and irritating. The solution is to find a product free from such chemicals, not to just avoid using a sunscreen lotion. There are products out there that don’t contain fragrances or preservatives and are called mineral sunscreens. Look for products that are made from Ecamsule or that contain salicylates. They are the least likely to irritate sensitive skin while offering optimum protection from the UV rays.

Your skin may feel sensitive, but it is dry. If that is the case, look for an SPF 40 sunscreen product that contain Vitamin E and moisturizers. You will love the hydration they offer for your skin and many are non-toxic sunscreens and vegan. The added bonus over regular location though it is will also offer you protection from harmful UV rays when you are out in the sunlight.

The Best SPF for Fair Skin

Individuals with fair skin or those with a history of skin cancer within the family should take special precautions. Use a safe sunscreen with at least a SPF 40 or higher  to help reduce the risk of skin problems. Watch for any signs of skin color changes that could indicate a pigment concern due to the exposure. Prevention of such problems is always the best course of action though versus waiting until you see symptoms and the trying to offset them.

Dark Skin Can Still Use Zinc Oxide Sunscreens

Even if you have darker skin, you are still vulnerable when it comes to skin cancer. Yet many individuals with darker skin don’t like the way sunscreen causes their skin to appear chalky or leave a white residue. This can be resolved by avoiding titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as the base for sunscreen products. Use at least an SPF 15.

Older Individuals Should Protect their Skin More

For many older individuals, the sunlight feels great and they enjoy being outdoors in it. This is especially true for those that suffer from inflammation from arthritis as the colder temperatures set in. There is spray on products that make it easier to get into all the areas should mobility be limited.

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